Preparing our students for a bright future. 

Free Pre-K for All!

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March 30, 2018.

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Supporting education and innovation.

Strong Place for Hope Day Care has been providing an innovative and enriched early childhood curriculum to Brooklyn families since 1970.

Having devoted more than 40 years to providing a solid foundation to the children in our care, Strong Place is recognized for the quality and excellence of our programming.


Engaging through play and hands-on activities.

Strong Place curriculum focuses on the whole child. The uniqueness of each child is acknowledged and nurtured. Lessons are age appropriate and individually appropriate child’s self-esteem, competency, and curiosity. 

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Involved parents and communities.

It is vital that Strong Place parents make a commitment to be actively involved in their child’s education. For many children this is their first experience in a school setting, an important start to the educational process in which you and your child will participate in after leaving Strong Place. 

Remember, your child is the most important asset you have, and his/her future depends on what you do now!

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